MAP Testing at ISD

At the International School of Dongguan, the educational development of each and every child is paramount. ISD uses a variety of assessment tools to inform and enhance daily instruction. One such tool is the NWEA MAP tests.
MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) is a series of assessments that are designed to provide the teacher with detailed data on where each student is along their unique learning path. MAP tests are given in Mathematics, Science, Reading and Language Usage and these tests present students with engaging, age-appropriate content that assess the knowledge and skills of the student.
The tests themselves are adaptive - the program adjusts the difficulty of questions as the student works through the assessment. If the student answers correctly, the test presents a more challenging item. If they miss a question, the test offers a simpler item. Using such adjustments, the MAP assessments zero in on the student's learning level.
With the data from the MAP assessments, the teachers at ISD can better determine the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and tailor their instruction accordingly so that all students can be successful in their program of studies.
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