Early Childhood

ISD offers a Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten program with small class sizes to allow for a supportive learning environment. Our Pre-Kindergarten and Junior-Kindergarten preschool programs have a maximum of 16 students and the Senior-Kindergarten has a maximum of 18 students. The programs in preschool support a wide range of learning experiences to stimulate inquiry, investigation, independence, socialization, risk-taking, decision-making and development of empathy and cultural awareness. The Senior Kindergarten program reflects an emergent literacy perspective by providing methodology and materials that create language-rich learning opportunities for exploration and growth. The development of reading readiness, speech, mathematics, and writing according to the child's development is a primary concern. There is a balance between active and quiet activities, indoor and outdoor play and individual and group exercises. The program provides experiences in art, music, PE, Chinese language and culture, and exploration with technological devices.