High School (Grade 9-12)

The curriculum at the International School of Dongguan incorporates authentic literacy and is based on the knowledge that students learn at different rates, but with effective instruction and feedback, all students can be successful. In all subject areas and at all grade levels, students learn, practice and develop the following standards for success for education, for social interaction, and for careers:

  • Examine pictures, graphics and words to infer, interpret and draw conclusions.
  • Support an argument or point of view with evidence
  • Solve complex problems with no obvious answer
  • Resolve conflicting views found in experiences or documents

ISD recognizes that students need support in vocabulary, in thinking skills, and in learning and refining the English language to be able to be successful in all dimensions of the curriculum. In addition to the English language, students will also have an opportunity to learn Chinese language and history. ISD’s curriculum is designed to give students explicit instruction, guided practice and frequent feedback in order that students become independent learners at their developmentally appropriate level.

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