Life in Dongguan

Welcome to Dongguan and a city that is located in the heart of China’s Pearl River Delta. Within Dongguan are over 30 districts, each with their own unique opportunities for exploring the history, language, cuisine and culture of china. Historical areas such as Dongcheng’s Huangqi Mountain, the village of Jiangbian with ancient houses and temples and the Wanfu An Ruins are just some of the excursions that are open for exploring. Easy access to parks for walking and biking are prevalent in and around the city for teachers to enjoy at the end of a working day. Shopping is as diverse as having the most modern of malls to exploring street vendors and open markets for groceries and other household items. Cuisine is also varied ranging from ethnic foods from China to cuisine from countries such as India, Brazil and Europe to the more Western style of foods, including fast foods.

Facilities include everything from fitness clubs, cinemas and ice-skating to more cultural excursions to visit museums, art galleries, opera houses and other cultural heritage sites. If you like fabric, a trip to some of the local fabric markets is also an adventure and tailoring of clothes is fantastic and inexpensive.