The ISD Music Program follows the National Association for Music Education’s Music Standards. Our curriculum is laid on the foundation of three core elements: Creating, Performing, and Responding. In addition to the core, Upper School programs put an emphasis on Music Theory.

ISD Music also offers a variety of extracurricular opportunities. Students can participate in Concert Band, Jazz Band, and annual Musicals. We are fortunate to live in the city of Dongguan, where we are often invited to perform at a variety of performance venues.

Early Childhood Music

Creating – Students use their bodies and classroom instruments to create different sounds, movements, and ideas.

Performing – Students express different qualities of music during performances.

Responding – Students explore a wide variety of music from around the world.

Elementary School Music

Creating – Students write and record musical ideas using musical notation.

Performing – Students develop the skills to play different classroom instruments, such as Pianica, Xylophone, and Djembe. Students perform music at a variety of school events.

Responding – Students compare expressive qualities found in different types of

music and analyze their effectiveness.