Capture the Moment:Preview to Graduation 2022

ES Students Are Reunited on Campus
Qilin News

As the class of 2022 graduates prepare for their IBDP final exams and commencement in May, on April 18 and 19, they took their personal and group graduation photos on campus to bring happy memories for years to come! Grade 12 students wore graduation caps and gowns with the class of 2022 tassels, demonstrating that the graduation season has begun!

This year has been challenging amid global pandemic, but the class of 2022 Grade 12 students have worked hard, and have shown their courage, determination, and persistence in their educational journey at ISD. They achieved full submission of the IB Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay requirements in March and completed IB Mock Exams in April, showing they are very much ready for the IB exams and university studies! ISD is very proud of each of them and we can’t wait to share in the celebration!

受全球疫情形势影响,这一学年是充满挑战的一年。尽管如此, 2022届毕业生在 ISD 的学习历程中,始终努力奋进,彰显他们的勇气以及迎难而上的决心和毅力。今年三月份,全体毕业生圆满完成了IB知识论和扩展论文的各项要求,并在四月份顺利进行IB模拟考试。他们已经为迎接IB考试和大学学习做好充分的准备!学校为每一位2022届毕业生感到骄傲,期待一同欢庆毕业盛典!