The library serves the entire ISD community and functions as the information literacy and inquiry hub of the school. Early Childhood, Elementary School, and Secondary School students and teachers share this attractive space adjacent to the Art Gallery. Our teacher-librarian, Ms. Marion Whisnant, and, library assistant, Ms. Jane Liu, maintain the library which focuses on providing a comprehensive collection of reading materials that support ISD’s curriculum and offering a wide variety of choices for pleasure reading. Through collaborative planning and teaching, our teacher-librarian supports our students as they learn information literacy skills in their homeroom and subject classes. Students in Pre-K through Grade 5 make weekly visits to the library. During this time, students read and engage with the best of children's literature and develop skills to help them access, interpret, and use information.



Battle of the Books initiative started at ISD in 2016 with an in-house competition for grades 3-5. In 2017 it expanded to grade 6-8 with a contest among other international schools from the area.

Every year titles for Battle of the Books are selected by the Pearl River Delta Librarians group. These professionals volunteer to read and write questions for every book title. The purpose of Battle of the Books is to expose students to different genres and to encourage them to read more. Participants are placed in heterogeneous groups where members share the reading of titles evenly among their peers. The more books a student read, the more opportunities the team has to answer questions correctly during the Battle of the Book competition.


Every year, our student body has had the chance to learn, share and visit with enthusiastic authors and storytellers. In previous years, we have had storytellers and authors from around the world visit ISD to share their unique presentations and workshops. In November, storyteller Jamie Oliviero came to ISD. Jamie, from Canada, is a professional Storyteller, teaching artist and author, performing and giving workshops. He also works in various arts-in-education programs. Jamie has been performing professionally as a storyteller for 25 years. His stories celebrate cultural diversity. He also chooses stories that promote environmental responsibility, social consciousness, and human rights; as traditionally, that's what stories are supposed to do. ISD is committed to exposing students to new ideas, inspiring them to be more creative, and adding fun and excitement to our learning community through visiting authors and speakers.



Four times a year, students have an opportunity to purchase books from our OBIDO book fairs as well as purchase books for OBIDO book flyers. The goal is to instill an enduring love of reading and to give students an exciting reading adventure by providing them with easy access to books.



ISD has partnered with Follett for many years, using their Destiny Library System.  The system is hosted online with a rich collection of digital resources.