Creativities (Art and STEM)

Visual arts are an essential part of the International School of Dongguan’s curriculum with an emphasis for offering a balanced and broad programme that fosters innovation, creativity, self-expression, and confidence.

As students study the arts, traits are fostered that become helpful to our students both in the classroom, in their community and abroad.

Weekly art classes begin in Preschool and continue through to Grade 6, equipping students with the ability to create and develop their artistic expression through a variety of media.

Visual Arts courses are offered as electives in grades 7-10 with a special elective in Photography. For grades 11 and 12, ISD offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Visual Arts course, a rigorous two-year programme where students can excel in their futures as an artist, designer, photographer or any career of your child’s choosing.

Facilities for the Visual Arts Programme, include an art gallery where the work of our students culminates in exciting art exhibitions throughout the year, as well as exhibitions in the community.

As students become passionate about their work, they can study a variety of media using ISD’s potter studio with potter wheels and ceramic kiln, ISD’s photography studio, screen print and darkroom and etching press.