Parent Support Association

Parents play an important role in developing a positive school community.

Your wealth of different experiences can be shared to provide ISD with creative ideas that help to support other parents, teachers/staff and each student so that their time at ISD is rewarding.

The International School of Dongguan has an organization for parents interested in taking an active role in supporting our students and families to have a successful experience. Some of the supportive programs that the Parent Support Association is involved in include such activities as fund raising, field trips, Book Club, The International Fun Day, Family Fun Day, Thank you Lunch for Teachers and Staff and Parental Fun Nights such as their Daddy Night and Brazilian, Korean and Chinese Nights.

School House Leagues

We feel the students benefit from being members of mixed age school teams.
School house leagues helps develop opportunities for students to work together, encourages students to support each other, gives students a strong sense of responsibility and belonging, and provides students with a range of additional activities in which they can take part. Lastly, being part of these houses is fun!