1. The school uniform, designed by two ISD high school students, voted on by all ISD students, is designed to promote a sense of belonging to a learning community.
  2. The ISD uniform is designed to allow for choice and comfort. We believe that our students should be able to focus on their studies in clothing that allows for students and parent to decide what is most appropriate for individuals.
  3. A school uniform encourages fewer distractions for the students in terms of less wasted time worrying about what to wear to school.


  • All clothing must be modest, neat, and clean with no rips or tears. Clothing may not be written on or stained
  • Clothing must be of solid color, and may not bear any alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements or symbols
  • Hats are permitted to wear during activities on the athletic field or court; bandanas are not considered to be a hat
  • ISD Yours Uniform Online Store:

  • (Please scan the QR code to place order)
  • Supplier's email: isd@yours-uniform-line.com
    Pants, Skorts, and Shorts
    • dark navy chinos, grey full-length dress pants
    • dark navy chino shorts, grey dress shorts (shorts must be midthigh in length)
    • grey or plain dress skort (skorts must be mid-thigh in length)
    • white dress button down with school logo
    • white polo with school logo, long or short sleeve
    • blue polo with school logo, long or short sleeve
    • white or blue round neck t-shirt, long sleeve
    Sweaters and Sweatshirts
    • Navy blue button-down sweater, long sleeve
    • Navy blue pullover vest
    • Navy blue zip hoodie
    • Navy blue pullover hoodie
    • Grey blue pullover hoodie
    PE/Sports Gear
    • Blue with white and grey shorts
    • Blue with white and grey pe shirt
    • Wind suit pants
    • Wind suit zip jacket
    • Navy blue sweatpants
    • ISD does not yet sell hats, but if students have an ISD baseball hat or plain navy blue or grey hat will be acceptable.
    • Hats are to be worn outside, but should be taken off while in class or in the building
    • Closed toe shoes, no high heels
    • Sports shoes
    • Sports sandals with back strap
    • No flip flops or crocs
    Out-of-Uniform Days
    • Occasionally, students will have an opportunity to come to school “out of uniform”
    • Seniors (12th Graders) have this privilege every Friday