College Counseling

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The ISD Secondary Counseling Team supports students’ social, emotional, and academic wellbeing. In order to assist students in their search for a university, we hosted the 3rd Annual Hong Kong University Fair at ISD, and had over 150 students, parents, and college counselors from across the Dongguan area in attendance. We additionally had over 30 universities visit our campus, hosting fairs and workshops. Some workshop highlights were titled Demystifying College Rankings When Deciding on the Best College for You and Benefits of Attending U.S. Universities. Advisory is held twice a week for our students. A few examples of advisory topics used for G9-G12 students include understanding various college admissions processes, crafting a resume or personal statement, completing career inventory tests, and understanding the difference between middle and high school. Additionally, the ISD Elementary and Secondary Counseling Team hosted a Bully Prevention Week for all ISD students, which explored topics such a cyberbullying and kindness.

School Counseling at International School of Dongguan helps all children get the most out of school. Your support and cooperation can help make your child’s school year a positive and rewarding experience!

It is our hope that parents and students feel free to use these services - individual appointments are available every week during school hours.
Advisory,College and Career Counseling

All ISD Secondary Students participate in our Advisory Program, which provides a supportive and nurturing learning opportunity where every student can develop their individual potential and prepare for their role as productive global citizens, leaders, and life-long learners. Teacher Advisors and their student Advisees meet twice a week to discuss a wide range of topics and are expected to be active participants as they develop socially, emotionally, and academically as individuals and within an intimate learning community. Topics explored include growth mindset, stress management, kindness, and college and career exploration topics.

Elementary School Counseling Services
Services available to students:
1. Teaching students how to work and play with others
2. Setting goals and making good decisions
3. Adjusting to a new school
4. Managing stress and emotions
5. Dealing with peer pressure & bullying
6. To support our Elementary school counseling program, ISD uses Second Step: Skills for Social and Academic Success. This is a program taught in the classroom by the counselor and teachers.
Services available to parents:
1. Improving parent-child communication
2. Understanding child development
3. Referrals to community resources
4. Supplying reference materials regarding mental health concerns
Social-Emotional Skills
1. Understanding and managing feelings and emotions
2. Solving Interpersonal Problems
3. Making Friends
4. Getting along with others
5. Learning self-regulation skills
The ability to self-regulate helps students focus their attention on learning when they may be distracted by others, upset by a problem, or excited about an upcoming event.
College & Career Counseling Services
1. Personalized academic advising
2. Advisory courses that promote college and career preparation, and social/emotional wellbeing.
3. Interest/Career inventories
4. PSAT, SAT, & ACT support and testing onsite
5. College application assistance

To support our secondary school counseling program, ISD uses BridgeU, an online learning platform that promotes college and career readiness.

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