In ISD, we believe that

·The desire to learn is an intrinsic human quality.
·All children can learn when the expectations and learning environment support the child.
·Development of independence, collaboration, and critical thinking are fundamental to quality education.
·A foundation in basic skills is essential for quality education.
·Family is the primary influence on a child’s development and learning.
·A supportive, positive partnership among school,family, and community fosters successful learning.
·Active involvement in community service is a critical component in developing responsible, caring youth.
·Respect and recognition of cultural diversity is fundamental to understanding and developing an appreciation of others.
·People are accountable for their actions.
·Honesty and respect are essential in successful relationships.
·Cooperation and collaboration are essential to an individual’s success in a diverse society.
· Learning to set goals and priorities is a prerequisite to successful learning.
·Meaningful learning is enhanced through active involve ment in the learning process.
·Developing skills necessary to live in an ever-changing world is essential.