After School Activities

The After School Activities (ASA) at ISD offers an array of optional extracurricular activities for students from grades K-12. The varied activities, are led by ISD teachers and outside contractors who are paid by the parents. Parents have the choice to enroll their child in a quarter or semester ASA. Each year ASA's activities are selected based on student population, school space, and instructor availability. Some of the extracurricular activities may include, but are not limited to participating in activities such as t-ball, soccer, Tae Kwon Do, robotics, art, concert band, cross country running and environmental club. ASA's primary purpose at ISD is to enrich students with recreational and social activities for their personal growth.

A year long ASA activity is the ISD Equestrian Team that rides every Thursday in Shenzhen. The program is a graduated program with specific lesson modules in stable management and equestrian riding with certification recognized by the Swedish Equestrian Federation. Students must be in grade 3 and up in order to join the team. Costs for the program must be covered by the parents. For further information about the program, contact the admissions office for early registration as the students begin riding at the start of September.

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