Boarding Program

ISD Boarding Program will be launching in August 2024

When ISD opened its doors in 2012 to just 43 students, there was a shared vision that people from different backgrounds with a variety of interests and talents could achieve their dreams. Our alumni have since gone on to enjoy success in all walks of life including admittance to some of the world's most prestigious universities. In 2012 families took a leap of faith by trusting us to fulfill our mission. The opening of our boarding house in 2024 reaffirms our commitment to educational excellence and we hope that many of you will decide that this is the best place for your child to continue their personal development.

Why Boarding?

There are many reasons to become a boarder at ISD:

  • You will develop your life skills which mean you are be better prepared for university.
  • You will be a member of a strong community dynamic that strives for academic excellence.
  • You will improve your social skills and develop lifelong friendships with people from different backgrounds.
  • You will explore a range of extracurricular activities and thus develop new interests and hobbies.
  • You don't have a daily commute so your time is used more productively.
  • You live with your friends so it can be a lot of fun. There are regular events (trips, parties, house competitions, quizzes) etc.


Our boarding philosophy is to develop well-rounded, happy and successful students ready for life beyond secondary school. The years at boarding school should be among the "best years" of a student's life. To achieve this goal all boarders at ISD will be encouraged to demonstrate PEACH principles:

  • P- Polite - To encourage courteous and respectful behavior in the community.
  • E - Effort - To acknowledge the need to try your best in all aspects of life.
  • A - Appreciative - To show gratitude when others have made an effort to help you.
  • C- Considerate - To demonstrate a kindly awareness of others feelings or perspectives.
  • H - Honest - To uphold integrity and respect the value of truth in daily encounters.

Dormitory & Fitness Center


The boarding house has been designed by world class architects who have ensured that all your child's needs are catered to. Our new building will include some of the following features:

  • Hotel standard spacious bedrooms (2 and 3 student options) with ensuite washrooms, study desk and ample storage space.
  • A fully equipped fitness center.
  • A dance/yoga studio.
  • A communal foyer equipped with a projected TV screen, pool table, table football, board games, keyboards, pianos etc.
  • A male/female laundry room.
  • A common room on each corridor.
  • The use of all the schools existing facilities such as gymnasium, canteen, all weather football and baseball field, climbing wall etc.
  • As part of the current school redevelopment, a brand-new high-tech library will also be opening soon.

Daily Schedule

(Tentative Plan)
*Times vary according to Grade level of the students.

Applications & Admissions

To register your interest or to obtain more information you can contact
Head of Boarding:
Secretary of the Boarding House:

To secure your place at ISD boarding you can contact our admissions office via Email or WeChat to schedule an appointment.
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