Learning Environment at ISD

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Qilin Talk

The classroom facilities that distinguish ISD from public or private-local schools can reflect innovative features to a great extent. A small, unassuming corner of the classroom can be the most enjoyable space for children to use during self-directed learning time. Students can pick up a book of his/her choice and read it quietly; they can have fun playing with three or two partners or discuss a research project with fellow students. ISD’s learning spaces encourage students to become masters of their own learning.


The teachers have carefully prepared every space in the classroom to support student learning. The classroom behavior agreements, created collaboratively amongst the students and teachers, are display prominently to guide students’ self-management skills. The children enjoy an environment focused on learning and respect. In such a classroom, students can explore various topics on their own, thus inspiring creativity and meaningful project-based learning, creating a teaching advantage that is different from traditional education. This type of learning demonstrates student agency.


Each classroom at ISD takes on its own atmosphere depending on grade level, students and teachers likes and preferences. The desks and chairs can be combined in a variety of ways. The walls are covered with student work, and no two classrooms are the same. The clever use of space allows children to find comfortable places to enjoy their learning.



In addition to seeing the learning objectives clearly posted in the classrooms, ISD’s hallways and walls are often filled with the students’ colorful work, all exemplars of the learning taking place in the classroom. Inside and outside of the rooms, students bring the creative color to enhance a diverse campus culture.


ISD has expanded the concept of the classroom, meaning every space is a learning space. The school’s learning community can be a reading corner filled with books or a theater-style display area. The ISD library, which is being renovated, still provides a comfortable environment for children to enjoy reading.


In the ISD learning community, Qilins enjoy the beauty of music, show their endless creativity through visual arts, play on the sports field, and can determine their future through many opportunities to demonstrate leadership. ISD students are global citizens exposed to various cultures in their classrooms. What a pleasure it is for children to learn and grow in various spaces full of beauty, creativity, and care.


At ISD, the classroom is more like a home, carefully orchestrated by teachers and students, to enhance the learning experience. By learning in such a fun and harmonious classroom, children’s imagination and creativity can break the boundaries.