New Website to Celebrate 10 Years of ISD!

First Day of School!
ISD Grade11 IB Bootcamp Completed!

Hello, welcome back to ISD for another exciting year.  As you have seen many physical changes happened over the summer with a new lobby, the courtyard, and new interactive whiteboards in many classrooms, excitements also happening in the digital world.  We are launching a new website, replacing the old one to better portray who we are and be more informative.  A new Admissions Portal can be access through the new website.  This is part of the celebrations to the 10th Anniversary of ISD.  Please visit on this Friday to see the new website.

您好,欢迎回到 ISD 又一个激动人心的一年。正如您所见,整个夏天校园发生了许多变化,新的大厅、庭院和许多教室中的新触控白板。在数字世界中也即将发生一些令人兴奋的事情。我们推出了一个新网站取代旧网站,以更好地向您展示ISD,且提供丰富的信息。您也可以通过新网站访问新的招生门户,这是 ISD 十周年庆祝活动的一部分。诚邀您在本周五访问 浏览新网站。