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Qilin Students Won First Place in Hippo
Qilin Baseball Academy won Shenzhen ” Yomoe Cup”

On May 20, the ISD International Day, an exceptional occasion hosted by PSA, took place on campus. This year’s amazing International Day saw the ISD community showcase over 25 countries and regions from across five continents, sharing their cultures and promoting cultural exchange within the community. The theme of this year’s International Day is Creating A Better and More Peaceful World.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the PSA and parents, this year’s event was a massive success, and we are grateful for the hard work that ISD students, parents and faculty put in to make this an event to remember!

Various Cultural Booths


Nearly 30 cultural booths were set up representing different countries and regions around the world to display their cultures in forms of special foods, handicrafts, traditional games and other forms. Participants dressed in traditional costumes from their home nations, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

Students, parents, and faculty enjoyed a diverse array of global cuisine while immersing themselves in a variety of entertaining activities to experience the world, including a “FIFA World Cup Trophy” photo shoot and Indian hand painting. Traditional games, paintings, golf experiences, and other enjoyable activities made this worldwide journey even more exhilarating!

Wonderful Performance


The parents had set up a gorgeous stage, adding a unique vibrancy to the event. Our exceptional students, supportive parents, and dedicated teachers impressed the audience with their remarkable performances, earning thunderous applause and cheers.

There were various performances, including a band showcase, dance, guzheng solo, and more. The parents’ fantastic performances, featuring traditional Chinese costumes and iconic characters from the four famous Chinese novels Journey to the West, were highly praised by the audience.


Silent Auction


This year’s International Day included a “Silent Auction”. ISD’s talented students donated an array of amazing artwork to be pledged by families who came to the event. Proceeds of 6,176 RMB from the auction have been donated by the PSA to Captivating – CHINA- Sponsor a Girl program, which helps more girls from poor rural areas complete their high school education.
今年的国际日增设了一场“静默拍卖”环节。学校才华横溢的学生捐献出一系列令人惊叹的艺术作品,由前来参加活动的家庭进行认捐。本次拍卖所募集款项共人民币6,176元已由家委会捐献给开普威汀(Captivating)基金中的“一对一助学(Sponsor a Girl)”项目中去,帮助更多来自农村贫困地区的女孩完成高中学业。

ISD International Day provides a platform for promoting cultural exchange among community members where they can communicate, share, and learn with each other. Celebrating events like International Day, our students are able to Inspire, Succeed and Dream with an ever-increasing global perspective.

Huge thanks to the hard work and dedication of our passionate ISD PSA and everyone involved in the stalls and performances. International Day was an day to remember, full of joy and appreciation for our diverse international community at ISD.