First Week Back to School Recap

Video | Starting the New School Year Strong!
Community | Parents Experienced Classroom Learning at Open House


The first week of school flew by! The start of a new school year is always an exciting time, and it’s great to see ISD students eagerly embracing their studies. They have been very busy settling into their routines, reconnecting with their peers and teachers, and immersing themselves in their learning.


Grade 11 students participated in a four-day IB Bootcamp during the first week of school. Students collaborated with their teachers to learn about the five Areas of Knowledge (AoKs) in TOK and practiced the required skills to be successful in Grades 11-12. They worked in groups to analyze global issues from multiple perspectives using interdisciplinary knowledge and to present their findings.


Parent orientation sessions were organized during the first week of school to provide parents with information on “What is international education at ISD?” and how to access digital platforms utilized at ISD, allowing them to support their children using the platforms. Furthermore, the school organized orientations for parents of Grade 11 and 12 students to help them understand their child’s stage of learning and academic needs, as well as to foster home-school collaborations in students’ academic development.