Community | Parents Experienced Classroom Learning at Open House

First Week Back to School Recap
ISD Event | Parents Gathering: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Connected

ISD organized the Open House, allowing parents to actively engage in their child’s education and gain insights into their daily learning experiences. During the event, parents explored classrooms and communicated with teachers. This interaction fostered a strong sense of collaboration and partnership between parents and teachers, working together to support the child’s education.

ISD开展了开放日,邀请家长积极参与到孩子的教育中来,深入了解孩子的日常学习过程。活动期间,家长们到课室中来,并与老师进行交流。这种 “走进课室”的互动,培养了家长和教师之间强烈的合作意识和伙伴关系,共同支持孩子的教育。

By sitting in their child’s classroom and exploring the learning spaces and resources available to them, parents developed a perspective of the environment in which their child learns every day. Having a detailed schedule for each 10-minute course section enabled parents from the secondary division to follow their child’s daily routine and experience the transition from one classroom to another. Parents not only gained insights into the teaching styles and methods employed by different teachers but also had the experience of their child’s diverse curriculum, instructional activities, and everyday campus life.


Open House also provided a platform for open communication between parents and teachers, fostering a sense of interaction and cooperation. Parents visited with teachers and discussed the curriculum, teaching techniques, classroom routines, and student expectations during the Open House. This immersive experience provided parents with a more in-depth insight into their child’s education journey.