Celebrating ISD 2022 IB Results

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ISD IB Results Updated!

ISD proudly announces our class of 2022 graduates’ IB Diploma Program results! This year our students’ average score hits a new record of 35 points for the first time, three points above the world average of 31.9. Even more remarkably, 83.3 % of our students’ results are above the world average. Our school maintained a 100 % pass rate, with one student attaining an impressive highest score of 41! Congratulations!


Besides that, 75% of the students obtained The Bilingual IB Diploma, much higher than the world total bilingual awardees that is only 27% of the total Diploma candidates. The Bilingual Diploma proves our students who are non-native speakers could show an excellent proficiency in English in completing majority of their IB courses which use English as the language of instruction.

Again, congratulations to the class of 2022 for their tremendous results!



ISD provides a rigorous, well-rounded education while fostering the unique gifts and aspirations of each child. Since accreditation of our IB diploma programme in 2015, we have educated groups of excellent IB students and successfully sent them to world-class universities such as the University of Edinburgh, The University of Hong Kong, University of Toronto, and New York University. We will continue to update you with the class of 2022 graduates’ offers from universities in the near future, please stay tuned!