ISD August Newsletter

First Day of School!
Class of 2022 University Acceptances

Dear EC, ES, and SS parents,

I hope all students had an excellent first week of school. Some new students may still need time to adapt to the school routine and develop friendships with their peers. However, I believe that with support from teachers and parents, they will be able to adapt quickly and learn well.

Teaching and learning activities this week were dominated by getting-to-know-you activities, making class agreements, and determining the goals that students want to achieve at the end of the year. At the SS level, teachers also introduced the syllabus of subjects that would be covered this school year. Grade 11 students participated in Boot Camp activities during the first week to prepare them with the skills they need in grades 11 and 12, such as research and presentation skills.

From September 5 to the 22nd, students from grade SK to grade 10 will do the MAP test. MAP test aims to help schools to identify the baseline of each student at each grade level at the beginning of each year and the growth targets to be achieved by the end of the year. The MAP test results will help teachers plan their teaching strategies and help students plan their studies to achieve the expected growth at the end of the year.

Seminars and coffee mornings for parents will start next week. Invitations will be sent at the appropriate grade level. Monday, August 29, the first seminar for parents of grade 9 students will be held to discuss what things must be prepared and fulfilled by students at the high school level.
There are several important notes that I need to convey in this newsletter as follows:
1. If students need additional uniforms, parents can order them via this link
2. If the student is unable to attend school, parents are required to contact the school receptionist via telephone number 769-2882-5882 or email by stating the student’s name, class, and reason for the absence.
3. As part of the safety protocol for students at the SS level, a transportation waiver form has been sent home. On this form, parents must determine whether their child will only leave the campus by way of ISD sponsored bus or an automobile driven by their parent or legal guardian, or they may take alternative transportation. Parents are expected to fill out and sign the form, and students must bring it back to school next Monday.
Enjoy the weekend with family.
Best regards,
Alissa Gouw
PK-12 Principal


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