Online Learning: How’s it going?

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Welcome SS Students Back to Campus

The second week of online learning was a huge success. ISD parents, students and teachers were invited to share their feedback and ideas of the experience on online learning at ISD!


Feedback from Parents

It is not easy to teach young kids virtually, and I am so grateful to see my boys look forward to their classes every morning. I really appreciate the efforts and preparation from teachers – making their lessons and activities interactive, innovative, and interesting. Thank you ISD, for providing our children with a whole new learning experience in such challenging times.


From A JK Parent


ISD online classes and course are definitely more interactive, engaging, creative and focused than before despite the many challenges faced. Besides providing knowledge via readings and lecture videos, the classes also see more interactions between teachers and students and amongst students. ISD online classes have enhanced social learning environment and provided opportunities for the development of a learning community.

From A G10 Parent


Feedback from Students

I like online learning because I can move faster through the assignments and learn more.


From A G4 Student


Communications through different platforms really help support me in online learning. Teachers have been constantly updating us through Teams, ManageBac and class notebook. Advisors would have constant check in everyday with us ensuring we are adapting to online learning and our mental wellness.

Personally, my experience with online learning have been great. Although at times it may be challenging, we were taught some time management technique that helped me apply to my online learning. Teachers also make the lesson interesting, helping me concentrate on class.


From A G10 Student


Feedback from Teachers

I prepared varied online learning games to attract students’ attention to each lesson and made sure everyone take turn to participate in class.   I gave positive and in-time feedback to the students who participated in class and found out how did the students feel about online learning and the reasons by asking questions.

From Mandarin Teacher


We utilize many resources to make online learning fun and engaging. We create presentations that we put into a Seesaw activity that is editable by the teacher and the students during the lesson. We ask students questions during the lesson to ensure they are comprehending what is being taught and following along.  Short educational videos are included in the presentations to further aid the students in understanding the concept being taught. We also offer one on one tutoring after classes to those who need additional help.

From ES Homeroom Teacher