The Class of 2022 Senior Graduation Pictures

ISD’s EC Program Focuses on Holistic Development
ISD Elementary School Specialist Classes

In what has been a tough academic year, the class of 2022 graduates have faced a number of hurdles and overcome many challenges together along the way. Grade 12 students are in the exams session from April 18 to May 18, and is getting ready for that momentous march across the stage and into their next phase of life. While life on ISD campus is ending for Grade 12, the memories they have made will last forever!


쉽지 않았던 학창시절을 보내며 2022 졸업생들은 그 과정에서 많은 장애물과 많은 어려움을 함께 극복했습니다. 4월 18일부터 5월 18일까지 시험을 치르며 12학년 학생들은 인생의 다음 단계로 향하는 중요한 행진을 준비하고 있습니다. 12학년으로써의ISD 캠퍼스에서의 삶은 마무리되어 가지만, 그들이 만든 추억은 영원히 남을 것입니다!

We look forward to the Class of 2022 Commencement the end of the month!

我们共同期待将在本月底举行的ISD 2022届毕业盛典!

이달 말에 있을 2022학년도 졸업식을 기대합니다!