Faculty Orientation: Gear up for the New Academic Year

The Class of 2023 College Acceptances and IB Results
Student Orientation Set the Stage for a Successful School Year

The 2023-24 school year is about to begin, and we are excited to welcome a new group of professional and energetic new faculty to the ISD community. While preparations are in full swing to welcome students back to school, ISD welcomed new and returning teachers back to school and began faculty orientation.


The first orientation day was opened with an Ice-breaker game, bringing everyone from all over the world closer to each other. The teacher orientation allowed our new faculty to feel more welcome in the ISD family, familiarize themselves with the resources available to them, share ideas with community members, and start getting to know their colleagues.


Daily sessions and activities covered all aspects of daily teaching and learning, from school history and mission statements to school policies or procedures, differentiated instruction, and section-specific meetings and preparation. All teachers received further instruction in subjects such as classroom management, co-teaching and co-service, behavior management, assessment, WIDA and ELL Strategies, and engaged in in-depth discussions on instructional goals for each subject area.



The orientation provided new teachers with a comprehensive overview of ISD and enabled them to quickly integrate into the team, improve their teaching proficiency, and be fully prepared for the upcoming school year.

本次培训从多维度向新老师们进行全面讲解,让大家迅速融入团队,提升专业素养,为即将到来的开学做好充分准备。An inspired group of teaching professionals of ISD has gathered together once again, and we can’t wait for our students and parents to meet them!ISD一支专业负责且充满热情的教师团队已经集结,期待在新学年和社区所有成员见面!