The Class of 2023 College Acceptances and IB Results

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Every year, ISD graduates successfully make their way to universities around the world. Growing up in the nurturing and supportive environment provided by the school and the ISD community, our graduates have received acceptance from a variety of higher education institutions around the world and are ready to translate their aspirations and goals into a concrete reality.


This year, ISD continues to see acceptance at colleges and universities around the world. The Class of 2023 earned early admissions and has been accepted by colleges and universities including New York University, Oxford University, the University of Manchester, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney. Below is a compilation of colleges and universities from which our students have received offers.


This year’s IB Diploma Programme candidates achieved an average point score of 32.67; the highest score was 40. 50% of ISD IB Diploma candidates earned a bilingual IB diploma. A bilingual IB Diploma is awarded to students who demonstrate language proficiency in two languages, making it a more challenging academic task.

2023届毕业生在IB文凭考试中取得平均分32.67分;最高分为40分。另外, ISD 50%的IB文凭考生获得了IB双语文凭证书。获得双语文凭的学生应具备熟练掌握两门语言的能力,这使之成为一项更具挑战性的学术任务。

The Class of 2023 graduates are about to embark on their new academic journey, and we wish them a bright future. We are very proud of you!