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Dear Early Childhood and Elementary School Families,
October has certainly been a busy month for our young Qilins.  We have had the past two weeks full of fun activities for our students to celebrate not only Halloween but also with an eye toward our 10th anniversary this year. You may have noticed that we celebrated 10 days of Halloween this year with many ways students could participate. All this is thanks to our awesome committee of Halloween planners; Ms Jen from G4A, Ms. Keri from G1, Ms, Dayna from SKB, and Ms. Kendra the secondary school counselor. These teachers really went all out in their planning to include many fun activities, including the Halloween parade, and decorating the entire school for students to enjoy! Throughout these two weeks you could see faculty and staff participating in the various events.

In addition to all the fun that students had this month, there was a lot of learning happening. This month, teachers from grades one all the way through grade five read with every single individual student to determine how best to help students to improve their reading. This individual time along with the MAP data can really help teachers to organize student learning experiences to best address the needs of all students.

The month of October has been full of learning, joy, and exploration in EC! Our PK students have settled nicely into their daily routines and have been learning about many aspects of pumpkins and apples. JK students have continued to expand their verbal abilities each day and have really enjoyed learning some new songs. In SK, the students have done a great job developing literacy skills and have enjoyed the time spent in our school library. In addition to all of this, the EC students and faculty have all had a lot of fun building towards Halloween with awesome daily activities!
All students in the early childhood and elementary school participated in an evacuation drill this week. Please discuss the importance of these drills with your child and help your child to understand the importance of staying quiet during these drills to hear instructions. Our most important objective is to make sure that all students are safe in case of any emergencies.

Each week, teachers post in Seesaw about what students are learning during the week. This is an amazing tool for all of our ISD parents! Parents can use this information to engage in conversations with their children about what they learn in school. One complaint that parents often have is that as their child grows in school, they talk less about school. If the parent asks their child what they learned that day the child responds with “I don’t know” or “Nothing”. This is a very typical response from students all around the world. And ISD is here to help! Although asking questions can help to get a conversation started, the best thing parents can do is listen to their child. Yep, listen. What is your child talking about? Are they talking about friends, or activities, or different subjects? What your child talks about helps you to know your child’s interests and those are the best ways to get your child talking! For example, your child may talk excitedly about something they made at school. For example;

Child: I made a flower today.

You: A flower? WOW! Really? What did it look like?

Child: It was a big flower with five petals, we made the petals from cutting a magazine. It had roots that I made from pipe cleaners. I drew the stem, and leaves, and the ground.

You: Wow, you put so much work into your flower! What was the best part of making a flower?

Child: I liked making the petals because I could make them all different colors.

Now, this is one example. Parents need to start by listening. If you ask your child a big question like “what did you learn today” they often don’t know where to start or how to answer. It could also be that they may not have all the words the need to tell you.  In the example above, children might not know all the words that they need to use like petals, stem, leaves, and roots in English and in their home language yet. This can also make it very difficult to communicate their learning. Please remember to be patient and help students to make connections from what they are learning in school, in English, to those same words in their home language. This will strengthen their learning.

If your child is having difficulty discussing their day, here are some ways you might help get them started:

1. What was the best thing that happened at school today?

2. Tell me something that made you laugh today.

3. How did you help somebody today?

4. How did somebody help you today?

5. Tell me one thing that you learned today.

6. When were you the happiest today?

7. Tell me something good that happened today.

8. What word did your teacher say most today?

9. What do you think you should do/learn more of at school?

10. What do you think you should do/learn less of at school?

11. Who is the funniest person in your class? Why is he/she so funny?

12. If you got to be the teacher tomorrow, what would you do?

13. Tell me about three different times you used your pencil at school today.

14. What’s the biggest difference between this year and last year?

15. What was the best thing your teacher asked you to do in ­­­­___(some subject)_____ today?

And remember, your child is interested in learning about you too! So, tell them about your day!

Finally, looking forward into November, we are excited to having parents come to school to meet teachers and to learn more about how their children are doing in school. ISD will be holding Parent-Student-Teacher conferences on November 18th and November 19th.  Teachers look forward to these meetings as a time to develop stronger relationships with parents so that we can all work together for the best benefit for each child. Please remember that there is no school on these days. However, your child should attend his or her conference with you. You can look for a schedule coming from your child’s homeroom teacher during the week of November 8th.

EC= Mr. Michael Combest, EC Coordinator

ES= Dr. Raedel and Dr. Kelly



麒麟学子度过了忙碌的十月!在过去的两周里,我们举办了丰富多彩的活动。学生不仅庆祝了万圣节,而且感受了建校十周年活动。您可能已留意到,今年的万圣节庆祝活动持续了10天,包含了形式多样的学生可以参与的项目。这一切都要感谢优秀的万圣节策划团队:四年级A班班主任Ms. Jen,一年级班主任Ms. Keri,大班B班班主任Ms. Dayna和中学部升学顾问Ms. Kendra。她们精心策划,准备了许多有趣的活动,包括万圣节扮装游行还有万圣节校园装饰。学生们乐在其中,教职员工也积极参与!










1. 今天在学校发生的最好的事是什么?

2. 跟我分享今天让你发笑的事。
3. 今天你怎么帮助别人的?
4. 今天别人怎么帮你的?
5. 告诉我一样你今天学到的东西。
6. 今天什么时候最开心?
7. 告诉我今天发生的好的事情。
8. 今天老师说的最多的词是什么?
9. 你觉得在学校你该在哪方面做/学更多?
10. 你觉得在学校你该在哪方面少做/学点?
11. 你们班最搞笑的人是谁?他/她为什么搞笑?
12. 如果明天你能成为老师,你会做什么?
13. 告诉我你今天三次不同情况下用到铅笔的事。
14. 今年与去年最大的不同是什么?
15.  今天老师让你在___(某个科目)_____ 课上做的最棒的事情是什么?


幼儿部= Mr. Michael Combest, 幼儿部协调员
小学部= Raedel 博士和Kelly博士
친애하는 유치, 초등학교가족 분들께

10월은확실히우리의젊은Qilins들에게바쁜달이었습니다. 지난 2주동안우리학생들은할로윈 뿐만아니라올해 10주년을맞이하여즐거운활동으로가득했습니다. 학생들이참여할수있는다양한방법으로올해할로윈 10일을기념했음을눈치채셨을것입니다. 이모든것은우리의멋진할로윈기획자위원회덕분입니다. G4A의 Ms Jen, G1의 Ms. Keri, Ms, SKB의 Dayna, 중등학교카운슬러. Ms. Kendra등 이 교사들은할로윈퍼레이드를포함하여많은재미있는활동을포함하고학생들이즐길수있도록학교전체를장식하기위해정말최선을다했습니다! 이 2주동안다양한행사에참여하는교수진과직원을볼수있었습니다.

이번달에학생들이즐겼던모든즐거움외에도많은배움이있었습니다. 이번달에는 1학년부터 5학년까지의교사들이모든개별학생과함께읽기를통해학생들의읽기향상을도울수있는최선의방법을결정합니다. MAP 데이터와함께이개별시간은교사가모든학생의요구를가장잘처리할수있도록학생학습경험을구성하는데실제로도움이될수있습니다.

10월은 EC에서배움, 기쁨, 탐험으로가득했습니다! 우리 PK 학생들은일상에잘적응했고호박과사과의여러측면에대해배우고있습니다. JK 학생들은매일계속해서언어능력을확장했으며새로운노래를배우는것을정말즐겼습니다. SK에서학생들은읽고쓰기능력을개발하는일을훌륭하게해냈고학교도서관에서보내는시간을즐겼습니다. 이모든것외에도 EC 학생과교수진은모두멋진일일활동으로할로윈을향해즐거운시간을보냈습니다!

이번주에는유아·초등학생전원이대피 훈련에참가했습니다. 자녀와함께이러한훈련의중요성에대해논의하고지침을듣기위해이러한훈련중에조용히지내는것이얼마나중요한지자녀가이해할수있도록도와주십시오. 우리의가장중요한목표는모든학생들이비상사태에대비할수있도록하는것입니다.

매주교사는학생들이한주동안배우는내용에대해 Seesaw에게시합니다. 이것은모든 ISD 학부모를위한놀라운도구입니다! 학부모는이정보를사용하여학교에서배운내용에대해자녀와대화를나눌수있습니다. 부모들이자주하는불만중하나는자녀가 자라면서학교에대한이야기를덜한다는것입니다. 부모가아이에게그날무엇을배웠냐고물으면아이는 “모른다” 또는 “아무것도없었다” 라고대답합니다. 이것은전세계학생들의매우일반적인반응입니다. ISD가도와드리겠습니다! 질문을하는것이대화를시작하는데도움이될수있지만부모가할수있는가장좋은일은자녀의말을경청하는것입니다.당신의아이는무엇에대해이야기하고있습니까? 그들은친구, 활동또는다른주제에대해이야기하고있습니까? 자녀가이야기하는내용은자녀의관심사를아는데도움이되며이것을자녀가말하게하는가장좋은방법입니다! 예를들어, 자녀가학교에서만든것에대해신나게이야기할수있습니다. 예를들어;

아이: 오늘꽃을만들었어요.

당신: 꽃? 우와! 진짜?  어떻게생겼어?
아이: 꽃잎이다섯개달린큰꽃이었어요. 잡지를잘라서꽃잎을만들었어요. 내가파이프청소기로만든뿌리를가지고있었어요. 나는줄기와잎사귀와땅을그렸어요.
당신: 와우, 너는 너의꽃에정말많은노력을기울였구나! 꽃을만들때가장좋았던점은어떤거였니? 

자, 이것은하나의예입니다. 부모는듣는것에서시작해야합니다. 자녀에게 “오늘무엇을배웠니?”와같은큰질문을하면자녀는어디서부터어떻게대답해야할지모르는경우가많습니다. 그들이당신에게말해야할모든단어를가지고있지않을수도있습니다. 위의예에서아이들은꽃잎, 줄기, 잎, 뿌리와같이사용해야하는모든단어를영어와모국어로아직알지못할수있습니다. 이것은또한그들의학습을전달하는것을매우어렵게만들수있습니다. 인내심을갖고학생들이학교에서배우는영어와모국어의동일한단어를연결할수있도록도와주십시오. 이것은그들의학습을강화할것입니다.

자녀가 하루 일과에 대해 토론하는 데 어려움을 겪고 있다면 다음과 같은 방법으로 자녀가 시작하도록 도울 수 있습니다.

1. 오늘학교에서일어난가장좋은일은뭐였니?
2. 오늘당신을웃게했던일을말해봐.
3. 오늘누군가를어떻게도와줬니?
4. 오늘누군가가당신을어떻게도와줬니?
5. 오늘배운것한가지를말해봐.
6. 오늘가장행복했던때는언제였어?
7. 오늘있었던좋은일을말해줘.
8. 오늘선생님이가장많이하신말씀은?
9. 학교에서뭘더하고/더배워야한다고생각해?
10. 학교에서무엇을하거나덜배워야한다고생각해?
11. 반에서가장재미있는사람은누구야? 그 친구는  왜그렇게웃기니?
12. 내일선생님이된다면뭘 할거야?
13. 오늘학교에서연필을사용한세가지다른방법에대해말해봐.
14. 올해와작년의가장큰차이점은 뭐니?
15. 선생님이오늘 ___(일부과목)_____에서하라고한가장좋은일은뭐였어?
그리고기억하십시오, 귀하의자녀도귀하에대해배우는데관심이있습니다! 그래서, 그들에게당신의하루에대해이야기하십시오!
마지막으로, 11월을기대하며학부모님들이학교에오셔서선생님들을만나고자녀가학교에서어떻게지내고있는지더많이알 수 있게되어기쁩니다. ISD는 11월 18일과 11월 19일에학부모-학생-교사회의를개최합니다. 교사들은이회의를통해우리모두가각어린이에게최고의혜택을제공하기위해함께일할수있도록부모와더강한관계를발전시킬수있기를기대합니다. 이날은수업이없다는것을기억하십시오. 그러나귀하의자녀는부모님과함께회의에참석해야합니다. 11월 8일주간에담임교사로부터귀가 일정을받을 수있습니다.

EC= Mr. Michael Combest, EC Coordinator

ES= Dr. Raedel and Dr. Kelly


Dear Secondary School Families,

It is hard to imagine that we have already finished two months of the 2021-2022 school year and soon we will be at the mid-way point of our first semester! Though we started October with a holiday break, we all made sure to be productive and continue to fulfill our mission of a rigorous well-rounded education where students can foster their unique gifts and aspirations!

Grade 6 and 7 students have begun to delve deeper into the concepts and skills of their exploratory classes.  Exploratory classes, Technology, Visual Arts, Theater, and Music, create an opportunity for students to discover a passion or talent and to potentially guide future studies. It is in these classes that students recently learned about digital citizenship, the elements of art presentation, community theater, and how to interpret cords and melody.

Grade 8 students have had to comprehend what a moral dilemma is in English, understand reflection, rotation, and transformation in Math, have researched asteroids to design a scientific explanation in Science, and have studied the 5 Themes of Geography in Social Studies.

Ask a Grade 9 student what was their most fun activity in October was and they might tell you it was dropping eggs out of the principal’s window! Students were challenged with designing a method of dropping an egg without it breaking by utilizing their understand of Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Grade 10 students have started their IB Induction Process, a series of informational sessions led by the IB Diploma Coordinator, Ms. Alissa Gouw, and the IBDP teachers. This process helps inform students about their academic pathway, the benefits and expectations of the IBDP program, and the courses that will be made available to them to help prepare them for university and beyond. A parent session will be offered during the Parent, Student, and Teacher Conferences.

Grade 11 and 12 students never seem to stop studying! Grade 11 students will receive the second recommendation by the beginning of November and they will have to finalize their course selection and establish their academic pathway by November 22. Without further changes in their courses and academic pathways, students can focus on developing skills for their Internal Assessments, planning for CAS projects, and start thinking for their Extended Essays. Grade 12 students are turning in their final draft of their Extended Essay by mid-November. Most of Internal Assessments for Mathematics, Science, and Language subjects must be submitted in December, January, or February. Therefore, these three months will be the busiest time for the seniors. Practicing good time management and self-management skills will be essential to ensure on-time submissions.

Would you like to know more about what your child is learning? All you have to do is check out their ManageBac and you can view their calendar. Pay close attention to the colors. Blue means homework and red means test! Scan this QR code for more information:

Of course there is so much more than just classroom learning at ISD!

Introspectors Club, who publish their own magazines with all content created by ISD students and addresses relevant topics in the 21st century, have been setting their goals and starting to fund raise to pay for their publication. The Model United Nations Club has registered for the U2NESCO conference and both experienced and inexperienced student delegates are making sure they will have a good showing. Our VEX Robotics team is very excited at the opportunity to again travel to competitions. And it seems that every week our Student Council is supporting our school; there focus this year has been social and emotional well-being by addressing suicide prevention, bullying, and mental health.

Our Qilin athletes were of course also very busy! Our first sports sessions of the year have been a great success at ISD! Our QIlin athletes never fail to amaze us with their hard work on and off the court and field.

This year, our HS Girls Volleyball team placed 2nd in the Dongguan Conference, and 4th in the GISAC tournament. They played against the toughest schools in our province and gave their best effort every single match. Our HS Boys Volleyball team finished in 1st place in the Dongguan Conference, and 3rd place in GISAC. We also had our ACAMIS Tournament in Shenzhen from October 21st – 23rd. Our boys team finished 3rd, and our girls team finished 6th. Both teams played with confidence and were great role models for our younger Qilin athletes. If you know any athletes on the team or see them around please congratulate them on a successful season!

Our MS Soccer team made amazing improvements throughout the school year. Being the only co-ed team in the conference, they came in 3rd place in the PRC exchange, and won the sportsmanship award at the end of season tournament. This award goes to the team that showed the most respect to opposing players and coaches during the Tournament. This trophy means more than 1st place, because it means our Qilins are not only great as players, but also as people. The first game of the season our team lost 5-1 to QSI Dongguan. The last game our Qilins played they beat QSI Dongguan 3-0. This shows the commitment and improvement they have shown throughout the season. We are very proud of them and cannot wait to see how they improve throughout their careers at ISD.

Our next sports seasons will be HS Boys and Girls Basketball starting in November, and MS Boys and Girls Volleyball starting in January after Winter Break. Please stay tuned for more updated on the sports seasons of our Qilin athletes. We are so proud of how they represent the school and give our future Qilin athletes something to look up to and strive for.

This is our ISD Athletics Wechat Channel. Please scan the code to join and receive updates for all of our ISD sports teams!

With all that hard work we made sure to take time to also have fun and continue to celebrate our 10th anniversary. You may have noticed that we celebrated 10 days of Halloween this year with many ways students could participate. Our Qilin teachers and students really went all out in planning and participating in many fun activities, dress up days, face painting, a Halloween parade, and decorating the entire school for everyone to enjoy!

Finally, looking forward into November, we are excited to having parents come to school to meet teachers and to learn more about how their children are doing in school. ISD will be holding Parent-Student-Teacher conferences on November 18th and November 19th.  Teachers look forward to these meetings as a time to develop stronger relationships with parents so that we can all work together for the best benefit for each child. Please remember that there is no school on these days. However, your child should attend his or her conference with you. You can look for a schedule coming home from your child during the week of November 11th.




10年级的学生已经开始了他们IB的入门介绍,这是一系列由IB文凭主管Ms. Alissa Gouw和IBDP教师主持的信息会议。这个过程有助于让学生了解他们未来的学术道路,IBDP项目的优势、期望以及课程选择,其目的是为了帮助他们为大学和其他事宜做好准备。在家长、学生和教师会议期间,我们将提供一次家长会议分享IB的相关信息。
11和12年级的学生的学习步伐似乎永不停歇! 11年级学生将在11月初收到第二份推荐信,他们必须在11月22日之前最终确定好他们的课程选择并确立他们的学术道路。如果他们的课程和学术道路没有进一步的变化,学生可以专注于发展校内评估任务的技能,规划CAS项目,并开始为他们的扩展论文进行思考和计划。12年级的学生将在11月中旬前交出他们的扩展论文的最后草稿。大部分数学、科学和语言科目的校内评估必须在12月、1月或2月提交。因此,这三个月将是毕业班学生最忙的时候。练习良好的时间管理和自我管理技能对确保按时提交任务至关重要。
你想知道更多关于你孩子的学习内容吗?你所要做的就是查看他们的ManageBac上的日历。密切注意不同的颜色代表的意义。蓝色意味着家庭作业,红色意味着考试 。请扫描以下二维码了解更多信息。


我们的麒麟运动员当然也非常忙碌!我们今年的第一轮体育赛季已经结束,并取得了巨大成功。 麒麟运动员们在球场内外的努力贡献一直让我们感到惊喜。

我们在付出了努力的同时也享受了ISD 10周年庆典的各种乐趣。你可能已经注意到,我们今年举行了10天的万圣节庆祝活动,学生可以通过多种方式参与其中。全体师生全力以赴,策划并参与了许多有趣的主题活动,装扮日、脸部彩绘、万圣节游行,以及布置了整个学校的万圣节装饰供大家欣赏。

친애하는 중고등부 가족분들께,

우리가 이미 2021-2022 학년도의 두 달을 마치고 곧 첫 학기의 중간 지점에 다다르게 될 것이라고 상상하기 어렵습니다! 10월을 방학으로 시작했지만, 우리 모두는 학생들이 자신의 독특한 재능과 열망을 키울수 있는 엄격하고 균형 잡힌 교육이라는 우리의 사명을 생산적으로 계속 완수하기 위해 노력했습니다!
6학년과 7학년 학생들은 탐구 수업의 개념과 기술에 대해 더 깊이파고들기 시작했습니다. 탐구 수업, 기술, 시각 예술, 연극 및 음악은 학생들이 열정이나 재능을 발견하고 미래 학습을 지도할 수 있는 기회를 제공합니다. 이 수업에서 학생들은 최근 디지털 시민의식, 예술 프레젠테이션의 요소, 커뮤니티 극장, 코드와 멜로디를 해석하는 방법에 대해 배웠습니다.
8학년학생들은영어에서도덕적딜레마가무엇인지이해해야하고, 수학에서반성, 회전및변형을이해해야하며, 과학에서과학적설명을설계하기위해소행성을연구하고, 사회과에서지리의 5가지주제를공부했습니다.

9학년 학생에게 10월에 가장 재미있었던 활동이 무엇인지 물어보면 교장 선생님의창밖으로 계란을 떨어뜨리는 일이었다고 말할 수 있습니다! 학생들은 뉴턴의 운동 법칙에 대한 이해를 활용하여 계란을깨지 않고 떨어뜨리는 방법을 설계하는 데 도전했습니다.

10학년학생들은 IB 디플로마코디네이터, Ms. Alissa Gouw 및 IBDP 교사가이끄는일련의정보세션인 IB 유도과정을시작했습니다. 이과정은학생들에게학업경로, IBDP 프로그램의이점과기대, 대학및그이후를준비하는데도움이되는과정에대해알리는데도움이됩니다. 학부모세션은학부모, 학생및교사회의에서제공됩니다.

11학년과 12학년학생들은공부를멈추지않는것같습니다! 11학년학생들은 11월초까지두번째평가를받게되며 11월 22일까지코스선택을마무리하고학업경로를설정해야합니다. 코스및학업경로에추가변경없이학생들은내부기술개발에집중할수있습니다. 내부 평가, CAS 프로젝트계획및EE에대한계획을 미리 고민합니다. 12학년학생들은 11월중순까지EE최종초안을제출합니다. 수학, 과학및언어과목에대한대부분의내부평가는 12월, 1월또는 2월에제출해야합니다. 따라서이 3개월은시니어들에게가장바쁜시기가될것입니다. 시간관리와자기관리기술을연습하는것은제때에 과제 제출을보장하는데필수적입니다.

자녀가배우고있는내용에대해더알고싶으십니까? 그들의 ManageBac을확인하기만하면그들의캘린더를볼수있습니다. 색상에세심한주의를기울이십시오. 파란색은숙제를의미하고빨간색은시험을의미합니다! 자세한내용은이 QR 코드를스캔하세요.

물론 ISD에는교실에서배우는것보다훨씬더많은것이있습니다!

ISD 학생들이 만든 모든 콘텐츠로 자체 잡지를 발행하고 21세기의 관련 주제를 다루는 Introspectors Club은 목표를 설정하고 출판 비용을 지불하기 위한 기금 마련을 시작했습니다. Model United Nations Club은 U2NESCO 컨퍼런스에 등록했으며 경험이 풍부한 학생과 경험이 없는 학생 대표 모두 좋은 모습을 보일 수 있도록 최선을 다하고 있습니다. VEX Robotics 팀은 다시 대회에 참가할 기회를 갖게 되어 매우 기쁩니다. 그리고 매주 우리 학생회에서 우리 학교를 지원하고 있습니다. 올해 초점은 자살 예방, 괴롭힘 및 정신 건강을 해결함으로써 사회적, 정서적 웰빙이었습니다.

우리 Qilin 선수들도 물론 매우 바빴습니다! 올해의 첫 번째 스포츠 세션은 ISD에서 큰 성공을 거두었습니다! 우리 QIlin 선수들은 코트 안팎에서 그들의 노력으로 우리를 놀라게 합니다.

올해우리고등학교여자배구팀은동관대회에서 2위, GISAC 대회에서 4위를차지했습니다. 그들은우리지방에서가장힘든학교들과경기를했고매경기최선을다했습니다. 우리고등학교남학생배구팀은동관대회에서 1위, GISAC에서 3위를차지했습니다. 우리는또한 10월 21일부터 23일까지심천에서 ACAMIS 토너먼트에 참여했습니다. 우리학교남자팀이 3위, 여자팀이 6위를했습니다. 두팀모두자신감있게경기를펼쳤고우리의어린Qilin 선수들에게훌륭한롤모델이되었습니다. 팀에아는선수나주변에서본선수가있다면성공적인시즌을축하해주세요!
우리의 MS Soccer 팀은학기내내놀라운발전을이루었습니다. 대회에서유일한남녀공학팀으로PRC exchange에서3위에올랐고, 시즌종료토너먼트에서스포츠맨십상을수상했습니다. 이상은토너먼트기간동안상대선수와코치를가장존경한팀에게수여됩니다. 이트로피는 1위이상을의미합니다. 왜냐하면그것은우리 학생들이선수로서뿐만아니라사람으로서도위대하다는것을의미하기때문입니다. 시즌첫경기우리팀은 QSI 동관에 5-1로패했습니다. 우리 선수들이치른마지막게임은 QSI Dongguan을 3-0으로이겼습니다. 이것은그들이시즌내내보여준헌신과발전을보여줍니다. 우리는그들을매우자랑스럽게생각하며 ISD에서의경력전반에걸쳐그들이어떻게향상되는지빨리보고싶습니다.
다음스포츠시즌은 11월에시작되는 HS 남학생및여학생농구와겨울방학이후 1월에시작하는남학생배구입니다. Qilin 선수들의스포츠시즌에대한최신소식을계속지켜봐주십시오. 우리는그들이학교를대표하고미래의 Qilin 선수들이우러러보고노력할무언가를제공하는방식에대해매우자랑스럽게생각합니다.
ISD 육상 Wechat 채널입니다. 모든 ISD 스포츠팀에가입하고업데이트를받으려면코드를스캔하십시오!

그 모든 노력과 함께 우리는 재미를 느끼고 계속해서 10주년을 축하하는 시간을 갖도록 했습니다. 학생들이 참여할 수 있는 다양한 방법으로 올해 할로윈 10일을 기념했음을 눈치채셨을 것입니다. 우리의 Qilin 교사와 학생들은 많은 재미있는활동, 분장하는 날, 페이스 페인팅, 할로윈 퍼레이드를 계획하고 참여하고 모두가 즐길 수 있도록 학교 전체를 장식하는 데 전력을 다했습니다!

마지막으로, 11월을 기대하며 학부모님들이 학교에 오셔서 선생님들을 만나고 자녀가 학교에서 어떻게 지내고있는지 더 많이 알수 있게 되어 기쁩니다. ISD는 11월 18일과 11월 19일에 학부모-학생-교사 회의를 개최합니다. 교사들은 이 회의를 통해 우리 모두가 각 어린이에게 최고의 혜택을 제공하기 위해 함께 일할수 있도록 부모와 더 강한 관계를 발전시킬 수 있기를 기대합니다. 이 날은 수업이 없다는 것을 기억하십시오. 그러나 귀하의 자녀는 부모님과 함께 회의에 참석해야 합니다. 11월 11일 주간에 자녀가 귀가하는 일정을 찾을 수 있습니다.

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