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Happy New Year of the Tiger!
The months of December and January are a time of receiving but also a time of giving. ISD continued their partnership with Treasures of Hope in order to give to those in need. ISD chose to donate 100 items of each cooking oil, rice and oatmeal to nearby villages. Our Student Council took the initiative to encourage all students and families to donate and support this special project. Student Council wrote multiple  emails, had announcements everyday, designed posters and encouraged students to help.

ISD hopes our community recognizes the fantastic efforts and would like to thank our entire Qilin community for their participation and donations for the annual Treasures of Hope project. Our goal was to donate 100 items of rice, oil, and oatmeal for 100 families in need. We met and surpassed our goal! ISD ended up donating 209 bags of rice, 166 bottles of oil and 202 bags of oatmeal. We are proud of this Qilin sprit of caring and wish to continue our collaboration with Treasure of Hope.  ISD is ready to take on a new challenge to help people in need and change the lives of children. Again thank you for donating for Treasures of Hope and we wish you a Happy New Years!ISD希望全体社区成员对我们的辛勤付出予以认可,并衷心感谢所有社区成员积极参与捐赠。我们的预设目标是向 100 个需要帮助的家庭募捐大米、食用油和燕麦片各100件。捐赠结果远远超出了我们的预期! ISD 最终捐赠了 209 袋大米、166 瓶食用油和 202 袋燕麦片。我们为麒麟关怀精神感到无比自豪。 ISD已经准备好迎接新挑战,帮助更多有需要的人,改善儿童的生活。我们再次衷心感谢您为希望宝藏慷慨捐赠,祝您新年快乐!

ISD Student Council