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ISD is pleased to announce that Mr. Mark McCallum has accepted the position of Head of School at the International School of Dongguan beginning in July 2023.  He will be ISD’s new head of school for next school year.

ISD很高兴地与您分享一则喜讯,Mark McCallum先生已受聘为下一任东莞文盛外籍人员子女学校校长,将于2023年7月到岗。

Mr. Mark McCallum began working in education by developing outdoor education programs in Nova Scotia, Canada. His interest in learning and exploring led him to Singapore and to leadership positions in international schools. Mr. Mark McCallum will build on his 25 years of international school leadership experience as he leads ISD into its second decade and builds on the legacy that Dr. Kelly Kramer has established.

Mark McCallum先生有着25年的国际学校教育经验,他的教育生涯开始于加拿大新斯科舍省的户外教育项目工作。他对学习和探索的兴趣使他到新加坡的国际学校担任领导职务。明年Mark McCallum先生将从Dr. Kelly Kramer手中接过ISD的旗帜,并以他25年的国际学校领导经验带领ISD进入第2个十年阶段。

Mr. Mark McCallum values learning and has a Masters of Education, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Masters of Counseling. He has achieved further education and teaching certificates from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, and Harvard Law School in Hong Kong.
Mark McCallum拥有教育学硕士、工商管理硕士和咨询硕士三个学位。他曾在香港获得哈佛大学教育研究生院、哈佛德里克·博克教学中心和哈佛大学法学院颁发的继续教育和教学证书。

Mr. Mark McCallum served as a high school counselor, IBDP coordinator, and head of high school at the International School of Singapore for 10 years. Mark then moved to Chatsworth International School in Singapore where he was head of secondary, deputy head of school, and campus principal for 9 years. During his time in Singapore, Mark strengthened each school’s IBDP program, led the schools through the WASC accreditation process, and facilitated new initiatives, including innovative technology practices. Chatsworth’s IB Diploma Programme was ranked in the global top 100 when he left in 2020.

Mark McCallum先生曾在新加坡国际学校工作了10年,期间担任过高中辅导员、IBDP协调员和高中校长。在这之后,Mark McCallum先生来到新加坡查茨沃斯国际学校(Chatsworth International School),在这9年里担任过中学校长、副校长和校长。在新加坡工作期间,Mark McCallum先生使每所学校的IBDP项目变得更强更具有竞争力,他带领学校通过了WASC认证,并推动了包括创新技术实践在内的新举措。在2020年他离开查茨沃斯时,学校的IB课程排名位列全球前100名。

From Singapore, Mr. Mark McCallum accepted a position as head of school in Shenzhen, China, at the Shenzhen Foreign Languages Great Bay Area Academy (SGA).  Mark left China in 2022 due to the effect of travel restrictions related to the pandemic on his family responsibilities in Canada. After a year in Canada, he can now return to China and lead ISD through continuous improvement and development.

在此之后,在新加坡的Mark McCallum先生接受了深圳外国语湾区学校(SGA)校长的职位。但由于疫情影响和与家庭的长期两地相隔,他于2022年离开中国回到了他的祖国加拿大。在加拿大工作一年后,他现在决定回到中国,并带领ISD不断提高和发展

The Board of Directors wants to thank the parents, students, teachers, and staff who participated in the Search Committee and Focus Groups and provided feedback and input to help the Board choose the best candidate for ISD’s future development.


Meanwhile, the ISD Board of Directors and community want to extend our gratitude to Dr. Kelly Kramer for her work at ISD over the past 5 years. Through Dr. Kramer’s leadership, ISD has become a premier school in Dongguan. ISD wishes Dr. Kramer the very best in the next phase of her educational leadership journey.

同时,ISD董事会和社区也对Dr. Kelly Kramer过去5年里对ISD的辛勤付出表示感谢。在Dr. Kelly Kramer的带领下,ISD成为了东莞一所一流的学校。ISD也祝愿Dr. Kelly Kramer在她下一个教育旅程中取得优异的成绩。

The Board of Directors extends a warm welcome to Mr. Mark McCallum, and we believe that with the concerted and united efforts of all of us, the second decade of ISD will be a wonderful and remarkable one. ISD will continue to grow, develop, and become a premier school in the Bay Area.

ISD董事会对Mark McCallum先生的到来表示热烈欢迎,我们深信在大家齐心合力、同心同德的努力下,ISD第2个十年必定是一个精彩卓越的十年。ISD也将成为大湾区国际学校圈内最优异的标杆!