ISD 10th Anniversary Softball Game

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ISD 10th Anniversary Softball Game started on March 11 with the Baseball Academy recognition to our brilliant and tenacious athletics!
Qilin students from PK to G12 and teachers got involved and enjoyed themselves in the event! EC students participated in various station activities that included the Ball Throw, Hit from the Tee ,and Run and Touch the Base. 


Students from grades 1 to 8 were split by house. Grades 1-4 students enjoyed their softball games using tee and squishy balls, while students in Grades 5-8 had the soft baseballs games on the baseball field. The fun was shared by student and staff alike, as staff also took part by playing against the High School Students! The entire Qilin community demonstrated school spirit by playing this team sport.


The students ended the day’s activities by eating a common food that goes along with any baseball game—hot dogs!  Also, to commemorate the day, each student received a t-shirt.  The t-shirts were designed by 2 ISD students. Grade 5 student Natalie was the design winner, while Jennie in grade 10 had the winning design for secondary school students!  Congratulations to our talented design artists and all of our Qilins for demonstrating great sportsmanship!