Moment | First Day of School

Student Orientation Set the Stage for a Successful School Year
Video | Starting the New School Year Strong!

On the first day of school, August 14, ISD enthusiastically welcomed students back to campus. After the summer break, students returned to familiar surroundings, meeting with friends and teachers.

8 月 14 日,ISD迎来了新学年开学第一天,学生正式返校上课。暑假已经告一段落,同学们再次踏入熟悉的校园,与朋友以及老师见面。

Students have begun the new school year’s growth and discovery on the first day of school. They established their own expectations for the new school year, hoping to achieve better grades, learn new skills, and grow as better individuals this year.


Welcome back to campus! Let us celebrate another year of study at ISD as we begin this adventure together!