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Dr. Rainbow Yuan is our IBDP Coordinator at ISD. Dr. Yuan earned EdD from the Education University of Hong Kong and she is a PhD candidate at the Leuphana University of Luneburg. She is passionate about the IB with a career in international education spanning nearly ten years. Dr. Yuan is a member of the International Baccalaureate Educators Network (IBEN). Through her association with the IB, she works as a workshop leader, course outline reader, global CAS review team member, and English B and ToK examiner for IBDP.Dr. Rainbow Yuan是ISD IBDP协调员。Dr. Yuan获得香港教育大学教育学博士学位,目前,她正在攻读德国吕纳堡大学哲学博士学位。Dr. Yuan对国际文凭教育工作充满热情,从事国际教育近十年。她是国际文凭教育者网络(IBEN)的成员。在国际文凭组织的工作中,她担任亚太地区教师培训师、课程大纲审阅员、CAS全球课程复审组成员,以及IBDP的英语B和ToK考官。

She speaks about the teaching and learning outcomes of the 11th grade IBDP boot camp this year and shares more information about the school’s IBDP program with the community.