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ISD parents successfully held the annual Parent Support Association (PSA) election meeting on September 22, 2023, forming a new committee. Parents participated in the election meeting and ran for positions based on the PSA’s organizational structure, demonstrating their support and passion for their children’s education and the school’s progress. This year, the newly elected PSA committee will follow the guiding principle “Creating Value, Hand-in-Hand.” PSA will continue to focus on initiatives to improve students’ learning experiences and overall development under the leadership of Co-Chairs Beeleng Chuah and Angel Su.

2023年9月22日,ISD家长成功举办一年一度的家长委员会(PSA)选举,组建了新一届家委会。在本次选举大会中,家长们根据家委会组织架构表的职位参与竞选,展示出家长对于孩子教育和学校发展的关切与热情。在今年的工作中,新⼀任家委会将秉持“创造价值,携手共进”的指导原则,在联合主席 Beeleng Chuah女士和Angel Su女士的带领下,继续为提升学生的学习体验和全面发展而努力。

The establishment of ISD PSA is intended to increase the connection and communication among ISD parents, as well as to develop parents’ relationships for the betterment of our children. ISD PSA works in partnership with the school to contribute to holistic education that is a hallmark of ISD. PSA aims at providing a platform for parents to voice their concerns to the school and act as a bridge between parents and school.


ISD PSA has always been a strong support for children as they grow. The PSA and parent volunteers actively participate in campus activities, parent meetings, and other campus support events, providing support and encouragement for the children’s growth and development. They participate in a variety of campus activities designed to foster cultural engagement and community spirit. They are concerned with the children’s overall growth, cheering them on in competitions and encouraging them to keep going. They maintain close communication with the school, listening to the voices of parents and conveying the opinions and suggestions of the parent community.


The ISD parent community is an exceptional group that joins parents and the school in providing educational support to students. We appreciate the dedication and generous support from the PSA and the whole parent community.The entire school community looks forward to the PSA providing ongoing support for ISD’s teachers, students, and activities. We are very grateful for your support, PSA!