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The ISD Athletic Program extends classroom learning by offering significant opportunities for student-athletes to compete in sports and gain valuable experience. It fosters teamwork and personal growth, while building strong moral character and life-long skills such as respect, commitment and sportsmanship.


ISD provides athletic opportunities for students from different grade level. Currently, ISD offers basketball, volleyball, and soccer as core sports for both boys’ and girls’ students at the Middle School and High School levels. Additionally, students also can try out for Qilin Baseball Academy and badminton team. Since 2023, ISD has introduced elementary basketball and soccer aimed towards our young athletes.

ISD为各年龄段的学生提供了多种形式的竞技体育项目。目前,ISD已经分别在初中和高中组建男子和女子篮球、排球和足球在内的核心体育项目队伍。此外,学生还可以参加麒麟棒球学院和羽毛球队的选拔,加入队伍成为其中一员。自2023年起, ISD还成立了一支新的小学篮球队及足球队,让低年龄段学生也能充分体验竞技体育的乐趣。

Qilin athletes share the same passion and beliefs, working towards a common goal while supporting each other and growing together. The teams practice twice a week under the guidance of their coach, honing skills and learning rules, tactics, and strategies specific to each sport. Our coaching staff provide professional guidance, creating a safe and positive learning environment that focuses on the importance of preparedness, teamwork, commitment, and sportsmanship. Throughout the training sessions, Qilin athletes worked closely with each other and built strong partnerships that allowed them to present the best competitive level on the field.


During the 2022-23 school year, ISD athletic teams excelled with the efforts of players, coaches, and the community. Both Middle School Girls Volleyball and Basketball teams won the Dongguan Conference (DGC) championship, while the volleyball team was runner-up in the Pearl River Conference (PRC). Qilin athletes displayed sportsmanship and team spirit, earning sportsmanship awards several times. The teams have also been successful in previous seasons. The Baseball Academy claimed the championship in 2021 MLB CUP Open Tournament Fall season (Guangzhou), and the high school boys’ basketball team finished third in the 2022 ACAMIS Tournament.

在2022-23学年度,在全体队员、教练和整个社区的共同努下力,ISD体育校队越战越勇,收获了许多荣誉。其中,初中女子排球和篮球队分别在东莞联赛 (DGC)中摘得冠军,初中女子排球队在珠三角联盟交流赛(PRC)中斩获亚军。麒麟运动员在比赛中充分彰显体育精神和团队精神,多次荣获体育精神奖。在过往的赛季中,各体育校队也是硕果累累。棒球学院在2021 MLB CUP棒球公开赛·秋季赛(广州站)中勇夺冠军;在2022年ACAMIS篮球锦标赛中,高中男子篮球队获得第三名。

The exciting sporting events not only ignited the enthusiasm of Qilin athletes, but also filled the campus with vigor and vitality. ISD held a Sports Recognition Assembly at the end of the academic year to recognize the contributions and outstanding athletic skills of players and to celebrate the dedication and achievements of all athletes.


Athletics is not just about winning medals. The determination and bravery displayed by every Qilin athlete will ultimately cultivate an important and valuable aspect in our young athletes. These spirits will guide them in their growth and success in various areas!