Semester 2 Student Recognition

ISD Student Won Silver Prize in Math Kangaroo!
Summer Reading Letter from Head of School

On the last day of the academic year, ISD held a special assembly and took the opportunity to shine a light on many of our students to recognize their exemplary efforts during the second semester. The ISD Awards recognize the achievements of students not only in the fields of academic, but also in other areas, including artistic creativity, personal management, outstanding improvement, sports, global citizenship and beyond.
ISD student Polly H. was honored with the prestigious EARCOS Global Citizenship Award for the 2022-2023, in recognition of her contribution to the school and local community, and the commitment to make the world a better place.
EARCOS授予ISD学生Polly H. 2022-2023年度全球公民奖,以表彰她致力于创造一个更美好的世界,对学校和当地社区所作出的杰出贡献。
In the recognition, the PSA awarded sports bags to all Qilin athletes and coaches in recognition of their hard work and dedication throughout the sports season. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the PSA for their continued support of the school.
ISD is incredibly proud of our Qilin students’ outstanding academic accomplishments and thrilled to witness them excel in a diverse range of other areas. Congratulations to all the winners!