Community | A Joyful Gathering at ISD’s Pizza Fun Day
ISD has partnered with Pizzeria Calzone, one of the first authentic Italian pizzerias in the Dongguan community, for the “Pizza Fun Day with ISD Friends” event. Mr. […]
Focusing | Surpassing Global Peers in International Assessment
taken by students from senior kindergarten to grade 2, assessing math and reading skills. Students from 3rd to 10th grade take the MAP test, covering Mathematics, […]
Qilin Pride | Championship at the Bay City Baseball Tournament
The Qilin Baseball Academy recently displayed excellent skills at the 2024 Shenzhen Bay City Baseball Tournament. They won the championship title in the U10 Coach Pitch […]
Focusing | Empowering Multilingual Learners Through ELL Supports
As an international school, ISD draws students from across the globe, including a number from non-English speaking countries with diverse linguistic backgrounds such as Italy, South […]
Moment | Semester 1 Secondary Students Recognition
At the December assembly of the Secondary School, our principal commended the exceptional students for their academic achievements in the first semester. The awarded students were […]
Qilin Pride | Student Won Global Bronze Medal in Competition
The results of the Junior Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (JCCO) have been announced, and ISD students excelled in this competitive competition. Congratulations to Junhao H., a 9th […]
Community | Taking a Look at Our Early Childhood Open House
The ISD Early Childhood Open House attracted families to our campus, where they were warmly greeted. The opening address and presentation gave parents a thorough knowledge […]
Spotlight | Parents’ Involvement in Education Supporting Student Success
At ISD, students’ learning targets in each lesson include both subject and language targets. This approach allows students to gain subject-specific knowledge while also improving their […]
Qilin Pride | Congratulations to AMC 10/12 Winners
ISD students performed admirably in the 2023 American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 10/12. Junhao H., a ninth grader, and Frank F., a tenth-grader, both received certificates of distinction […]
Community | ISD Class of 2024 University Acceptances
We are delighted to share the wonderful news of university acceptances from ISD Class of 2024. Our students have received acceptance offers from universities worldwide, underscoring their commitment […]
Qilin Pride | Students Spread Joy at Christmas Lighting Ceremony
Students and teachers from our school made an appearance at the recent Christmas lighting ceremony held at Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport. They presented the audience with […]
Community | A Great Success on ISD 2023 University Fair
The ISD 2023 University Fair, which brought together university representatives from institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Hong Kong, among other countries […]
Focusing | Inquiry-based Field Trips in Various Subject Areas
Students have easy access to connect with the outside world and expand their learning experiences in the age of technology. Field trips allow students to step […]
Moment | Young Learners’ Adventure into the Animal Kingdom
Our first graders went on a field trip to Shenzhen Safari Park, extending education beyond the classroom. The young learners engaged in an experiential adventure led […]
Moment | A Unique Baseball Experience for ISD Youths by MLB Team
  The ISD Qilin Baseball Academy provides its members and students with a variety of baseball training possibilities. In addition to training programs and participation in […]
ISD Event | Reserve Your Spot Now for Early Childhood Open House
ISD cordially invites you to attend our Early Childhood Open House on Saturday, January 13th, 2024, from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. on our campus at ISD. […]
Moment | Celebrating Diversity and Harvest in Fall Festival
Autumn signifies the transition of seasons and is also a time to celebrate the harvest. Many people throughout the world organize autumn celebrations to express their […]
Community | PSTC Foster Partnership and Empower Student Success
Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences (PSTC) are a time to celebrate a children’s milestones in learning as well as an opportunity to explore the areas for growth and strategies […]
Qilin Pride | Students Won Awards on ASDAN Business Simulation
The ASDAN Business Simulation took place successfully at ISD on October 28th and 29th, 2023. ISD had 24 students participate in the competition, divided into three […]
Admissions for Spring Semester 2023-24
Spring admission for the 2023-24 academic year opens now! The second semester will commence on January 8, 2024. Limited spots are available for enrollment in specific grades for 2023-24. 2023-24学年的春季招生现已开放!第二学期将于2024年1月8日开始。目前,2023-24学年的部分年级还有少量余位可供插班申请。 […]
ISD Admission Opens for 2024-25
Admission from Pre-K to Grade 12 for the 2024-25 academic year opens now! 2024-25学年Pre-K至12年级的招生现已启动!   We are delighted to introduce our new Admissions Portal. Simply scan the […]
Video | Learn More About IBDP From Our IBDP Coordinator Dr. Yuan
Dr. Rainbow Yuan is our IBDP Coordinator at ISD. Dr. Yuan earned EdD from the Education University of Hong Kong and she is a PhD candidate […]
Community | PSA Continues Creating Value Hand in Hand
  ISD parents successfully held the annual Parent Support Association (PSA) election meeting on September 22, 2023, forming a new committee. Parents participated in the election […]
ISD Event | Anti-Bullying Week 2023: Make a Noise About Bullying
The ISD Anti-Bullying Week 2023 will take place from Monday, October 16th to Friday, October 20th. The theme is Make a Noise About Bullying. The week will […]
Video | Greetings from CSOL Students for Mid-Autumn Festival
As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Qilin students from different countries dressed up in magnificent traditional Chinese clothes, immersing themselves in the cultural milieu of this traditional […]
Video | What’s Your Favorite Book?
In a world of books, often one stands out. This book may have the power to teach us valuable lessons, deeply resonate with our souls, or […]
ISD Young Learners Celebrated International Dot Day
Happy Teacher’s Day!
We celebrated and expressed our heartfelt appreciation to the extraordinary educators at ISD. Thank you for your dedication and passion for inspiring Qilins students! 我们向所有ISD的老师们奉上最真挚的祝福:祝您教师节快乐!感谢您的付出与热情,犹如明灯般引领着麒麟学子一路向前!
ISD Event | Parents Gathering: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Connected
The recent Parents Gathering, organized by Parents Support Association (PSA) co-chairs and all PSA members, was a big success! The event brought together parents, the leadership […]
Community | Parents Experienced Classroom Learning at Open House
ISD organized the Open House, allowing parents to actively engage in their child’s education and gain insights into their daily learning experiences. During the event, parents explored […]
First Week Back to School Recap
  The first week of school flew by! The start of a new school year is always an exciting time, and it’s great to see ISD […]
Video | Starting the New School Year Strong!
Moment | First Day of School
On the first day of school, August 14, ISD enthusiastically welcomed students back to campus. After the summer break, students returned to familiar surroundings, meeting with […]
Student Orientation Set the Stage for a Successful School Year
The ISD Student Orientation for the 2023-24 academic year was a success, with both new and returning students being welcomed into the school community!ISD 2023-24 学年新生见面会顺利开展。我们迎来了新生家庭,也见到了许多熟悉的面孔! […]
Faculty Orientation: Gear up for the New Academic Year
The 2023-24 school year is about to begin, and we are excited to welcome a new group of professional and energetic new faculty to the ISD […]
The Class of 2023 College Acceptances and IB Results
Every year, ISD graduates successfully make their way to universities around the world. Growing up in the nurturing and supportive environment provided by the school and […]
Focusing | Why ACAMIS Makes Us Better?
The Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), as an international educational organization with strong influence in Asia, serves both teachers and students, setting rigorous […]
Spotlight | Athletics Leads Students to Grow and Shine
  The ISD Athletic Program extends classroom learning by offering significant opportunities for student-athletes to compete in sports and gain valuable experience. It fosters teamwork and […]
Summer Reading Letter from Head of School
  Habit formation is a long race. It often takes time for the desired results to appear. Habit Tracker is a daily reminder for you to […]
Semester 2 Student Recognition
On the last day of the academic year, ISD held a special assembly and took the opportunity to shine a light on many of our students […]
ISD Student Won Silver Prize in Math Kangaroo!
  Recently, the 2023 Math Kangaroo competition came to an end and the results were announced. Four ISD students participated in different levels in the Math […]
Community | SK and Grade 5 Promotion Ceremonies
  Summer is the season of the year when everything flourishes and grows. As summer approaches, ISD SK and Grade 5 students ushered in their promotion […]
ISD Spotlight | ISD Spring Arts Showcase
At ISD, the arts form an essential part of our balanced international curriculum. ISD provides students with opportunities and platforms to inspire each student’s unique artistic talents and […]
Community | Celebrating the Graduation of ISD Class of 2023
  ISD Class of 2023 achieved a significant milestone as they walked across the stage at their high school’s commencement ceremony. As proud family members, faculty […]
Qilin Baseball Academy won Shenzhen ” Yomoe Cup”
Recently, Qilin Baseball Academy shone in the 8th ” Yomoe Cup” Baseball and Softball Tournament held in Shenzhen. The players of Qilin Baseball Academy showed their […]
Community | International Day at ISD
On May 20, the ISD International Day, an exceptional occasion hosted by PSA, took place on campus. This year’s amazing International Day saw the ISD community […]
Qilin Students Won First Place in Hippo
Congratulations to our five ISD students for their outstanding performance in the Preliminary Round of the 2023 Hippo English Olympiad. Among them, Kyle C. and Crystal C. […]
Step on a Bigger Stage
Congratulations to Oscar Z. and Timothy Z. of ISD Qilin Baseball Academy for selection to the Hong Kong Team U12 for the PONY Asia-Pacific Zone Bronco League […]
Qilin Pride | We Are the Champions
The 2023 ISD Qilin Cup Baseball Tournament came to a successful conclusion. After highly competitive competition, Qilin Baseball Academy won championship in the U12 section, with […]
Meet and Greet the New Head of ISD!
This week, ISD’s new head of school beginning in July 2023 for next school year, Mr. Mark McCallum, embarked on a week-long campus visit and met […]
Video: ISD April Newsletter
ISD Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences
On April 20 and 21, ISD held school-wide Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences (PSTC). It was an opportunity for children to share their learning with parents, and the parents […]
Back in Action – International Day!
ISD annual international day, a major event hosted by PSA will be held on Saturday, May 20th, 2023. This is an opportunity for us to exchange […]
Next Chapter of ISD Alumni Association
  Time will bind the bond we left behind. Let’s pick up where we left off! 何其有幸曾并肩同行,怀念过往且期待重逢! 시간은 우리가 뒤에 남겨놓은 인연을 더욱 굳건하게 만들 것입니다. […]
Secondary School Visual Art Exhibition
  The Secondary School Visual Art Exhibition, unveiled in March, was a great success and received support from the whole ISD community! Our young artists from […]
Video: ISD March Newsletter
Qilin Pride
Members of the Qlin Baseball Academy performed well in the China Junior Baseball Team U11 tryout, with Oscar Z. and James C. being selected for the […]
Qilin Talk
Philip, who will graduate this May, has studied at ISD since 2018. After five years, he has received five acceptances from UK universities, including top universities, […]
Physical Education at ISD
Recently, Grade 12 IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) students organized a TOK exhibition as one of their assessment activities. The aim of the exhibition is to assess […]
Physical Education at ISD
Physical education at ISD is an integral part of the well-rounded educational process and contributes to the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development of every student. […]
Video: ISD February Newsletter
Celebrating 100th Day
The 100th day of school is a milestone for students as it means that they have completed more than half of the school year. It is […]
Spotlight: ISD Korean Courses
From G6 to G10 courses are designed to meet ISD’s educational philosophy that it is necessary to master one’s mother tongue to learn foreign languages effectively. […]
Qilin Talk
We spoke with a member of our Class of 2023, Alina who was chosen to share with us her story and educational journey at ISD. Let’s get started! ISD2023届毕业生Alina同学将向大家分享她的成长故事和在ISD学习的心得体会,让我们开始吧! I […]
Learning Environment at ISD
The classroom facilities that distinguish ISD from public or private-local schools can reflect innovative features to a great extent. A small, unassuming corner of the classroom […]
ISD Class of 2023 University Offer Update
The university admissions season is moving ahead, and more early acceptances are coming in for Grade 12 students at ISD. Our students are being accepted to […]
ISD – A WASC Accredited School
Among the nearly 2,000 international schools in China, ISD has become one of only 65 schools to be accredited by WASC, which has completed full accreditation for […]
Video: ISD December & January Newsletter
Offer from Oxford
Congratulations to Alina Wu, a member of the class of 2023, who has been offered a place at Oxford University!  We wish you the best of luck on […]
Welcome to the new ISD Head of School
ISD is pleased to announce that Mr. Mark McCallum has accepted the position of Head of School at the International School of Dongguan beginning in July 2023.  He […]
SS Arts Showcase 2022-23
        ANNOUNCEMENT ISD IB Results Updated! | 再创佳绩,恭喜ISD 2022 IB最高分上调至42 Arts at ISD: Music, Visual Arts and Drama | ISD培养学生艺术天赋:音乐、美术和戏剧 Curriculum Overview:What Do […]
EC/ES Winter Showcase 2022-23
      ANNOUNCEMENT ISD IB Results Updated! | 再创佳绩,恭喜ISD 2022 IB最高分上调至42 Arts at ISD: Music, Visual Arts and Drama | ISD培养学生艺术天赋:音乐、美术和戏剧 Curriculum Overview:What Do We […]
Season’s Greetings| Hello 2023
ANNOUNCEMENT ISD IB Results Updated! | 再创佳绩,恭喜ISD 2022 IB最高分上调至42 Arts at ISD: Music, Visual Arts and Drama | ISD培养学生艺术天赋:音乐、美术和戏剧 Curriculum Overview:What Do We Learn at ISD?|ISD严谨而全面的教育,启发成就梦想 […]
Season’s Greetings|Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
ANNOUNCEMENT ISD IB Results Updated! | 再创佳绩,恭喜ISD 2022 IB最高分上调至42 Arts at ISD: Music, Visual Arts and Drama | ISD培养学生艺术天赋:音乐、美术和戏剧 Curriculum Overview:What Do We Learn at ISD?|ISD严谨而全面的教育,启发成就梦想 […]
Qilin Baseball Academy Claimed the Championship
In the 2022 China Youth Baseball Invitation U11, Qilin Baseball Academy defeated competitors with 6:0 and claimed the championship! Congratulations to our young players! 在2022年少棒联盟全国邀请赛U11组别比赛中,ISD麒麟棒球队以6:0的比分战胜对手,勇夺冠军!热烈祝贺我们年轻的棒球队员! 2022년 […]
Colorful 2022 Sports Day at ISD
The Physical Education and Health program at ISD aims to empower students to develop a wide range of life skills through involvement in physical activities and […]
ISD Students Shine
Congratulations to three ISD students, Chiying Lin, Chenyu Lin and Chuhan Zhang, for their outstanding performance in the NEA English Drama and Speech Online Certification.  They […]
University Offer Updates
The university admissions season is moving ahead, and more offers are coming in for Grade 12 students at ISD. Recently, our students have been accepted to King’s […]
Get to know: ISD ELL Team
ISD is proud to have a strong and professional English Language Learners (ELL) team that supports students to achieve academic excellence. At ISD, the ELL program […]
International school of Dongguan (ISD) is the first international school authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Education in Dongguan. Since 2012, ISD has been serving the […]
Moment: A Day in the Life of a Little Qilin
  ANNOUNCEMENT ISD IB Results Updated! | 再创佳绩,恭喜ISD 2022 IB最高分上调至42 Arts at ISD: Music, Visual Arts and Drama | ISD培养学生艺术天赋:音乐、美术和戏剧 Curriculum Overview:What Do We Learn at […]
Video: ISD November Newsletter
  November is an exciting month for EC students. In Pk, our young learners practiced using their voices to express their unique ideas. They went on […]
University Offer Updates
Congratulations to ISD 2023 graduates for receiving many offers and interview invitations! One of ISD Grade 12 graduands who received an interview invitation from the University of Oxford. In […]
ISD Spotlight: Robosoccer Competition
As the four-yearly World Cup kicked off and the world cheered and applauded the soccer extravaganza, ISD’s 10th graders also played an exciting round of robot […]
Moment: ISD Social Studies Course
Social Studies is the integrated study of multiple fields of social science and the humanities, including history, culture, geography, and political science. Courses are designed to […]
University Offer Updates of 2023 Graduates
Nothing is more amazing than hearing that the ISD class of 2023 graduates have received early offers from their dream universities and programs! With the combined […]
Focusing: WIDA Test at ISD
At ISD, we use the WIDA MODEL to assess students’ English language proficiency who are in grades 1-10.  Students who are non-native English speakers and have […]
Video: ISD October Newsletter
EC students are inspired to learn, play, and grow this October.  PK students started their fall unit and learned about the life cycle of apples.  It […]
Spotlight: ISD Mandarin Program
There are three different age groups in ISD Early Childhood Program. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that integrates language, mathematics, music and art. For Pre-K and […]
Moment: ISD Science Curriculum
The major purpose of science education is for students to master thinking skills in the study of science. ISD emphasizes inquiry-based learning in its science classes which helps […]
Community: ISD Parent Teacher Association
ISD is thrilled to announce that ISD’s Parent Support Association (PSA) 2022-23 was established on September 28, 2022 at the annual election meeting. ISD is proud […]
Focusing: MAP Growth at ISD
In September, all ISD students in grades Senior Kindergarten to Grade 10 participated in Measures of Academic Progress Growth (MAP) to assess their knowledge and skills. […]
Community: Travels of Champ on Summer Holiday
ISD students had so many adventures during their summer holiday and came back to school refreshed. What made this past summer holiday special was that they […]
Creating a Safe Campus at ISD
On the morning of October 10, 2022, Director Yi, Mr. Liang and Mr. Dong of Nancheng Education Management Centre visited ISD for the inspection of health […]
Video: ISD September Newsletter
September was a fantastic month for the EC students. Both PK and JK students learned classroom rules and routines. We can use our self-help skills to care […]
ISD Community | New Families Interview
ISD welcomes new students and families every year joining the Qilin community. ISD always values parents’ and students’ voices. Thus, some of the new families were […]
ISD Moment|Connecting with Ismo Seeve
At ISD, our definition of the word “classroom” has never been confined to walls and books. To create a learning environment without walls, students are able […]
2022-23 ISD Campus Tour Invitation
Dear parents and students, Greeting from International School of Dongguan! International School of Dongguan opens its new academic year campus tours starting from September 9.You are […]
Class of 2022 University Acceptances
The list of universities where the ISD class of 2022 has gained admissions is once again impressive and internationally diverse. ISD is proud to announce that […]
ISD August Newsletter
Dear EC, ES, and SS parents, I hope all students had an excellent first week of school. Some new students may still need time to adapt […]

Capture the Moment:Preview to Graduation 2022
As the class of 2022 graduates prepare for their IBDP final exams and commencement in May, on April 18 and 19, they took their personal and […]
ES Students Are Reunited on Campus
After Secondary School students resumed offline classes on campus last week, Elementary School students reunited with their classmates and teachers this week! We can’t wait to […]